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ELAN 4 Drill

The ELAN 4 System is intended for high speed cutting, sawing and drilling of bone in the fields of Spine, ENT, Neuro and Maxillofacial Surgery.
Aesculap Power Systems are the result of an uncompromising development effort and years of experience in powered surgical instruments. Aesculap’s passionate commitment to high quality and innovation has resulted in the development of the ELAN 4, the next generation of electric and pneumatic power systems. With a new technical concept, ELAN 4 addresses important requirements of the surgeon and all parties involved in handling power systems in the hospital.

ELAN 4 electro and ELAN 4 air are two systems with one handling philosophy.

ELAN 4 sits perfectly in your hand and is so well balanced that it has become like an extended arm; a natural part of your hand. ELAN 4 is precise, comfortable to hold, and runs smoothly and quietly.
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New positioning of the motor before the angle, eliminating the need for an angle gear or motor coupling.
Direct drive technology delivering increased power while reducing heat generation, resulting in a reliable, high performing, precision handpiece.
Choose electric or pneumatic, the tools are interchangeable. Fewer components and a universal burr length offer savings potentials.
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